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Supporting Women’s Advocacy and Networking (SWAN)

Wellness and Empowerment Tools for Women With Bleeding Disorders

We recognize the impact a bleeding disorder has on a woman’s quality of life and the need for support and resources. Our SWAN program was created especially for women who have congenital bleeding disorders or who are carriers of hemophilia.

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The Diplomat SWAN Program

Living with a bleeding disorder can be difficult and isolating, but our SWAN program and bleeding disorder team is here to help. We want to empower you to either get tested for a bleeding disorder, or get the treatment you need. The SWAN program provides you with access to knowledge, resources, healthcare, and support.

Through the SWAN program, we build an individualized care plan for each of our female patients and offer these specialized resources:

  • Connection with other women with bleeding disorders for support and networking
  • Our StrapWrap® accessory, which attaches to seat belts, backpacks, car visors, and more to inform emergency responders of your bleeding disorder and emergency contacts
  • Nurse educators specializing in women with bleeding disorders
  • School-care coordination
  • Medication-administration logs and MyFactor® smartphone app
  • Personalized bleeding disorder education and resources for patients, families, and schools
  • Access to specialized nonprofit and industry resources, such as educational dinners, workshops for all ages, and sponsored support-group weekends

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Bleeding Health History

This tool can help you and your team better understand your health and bleeding history.

If you have unexplained bleeding you may have an undiagnosed bleeding disorder. This tool can assist in tracking and explaining your bleeding symptoms. Bleeding disorders are often genetic, so be sure to let your healthcare provider know about unexplained or suspicious bleeding in your family history.