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Optum Women's Bleeding Disorder Support

Providing wellness and empowerment tools for women with bleeding disorders
As a woman who has a bleeding disorder, you face unique challenges that can affect your quality of life.
Many inherited bleeding disorders can cause problematic symptoms. The most common is von Willebrand disease. Others include hemophilia, platelet dysfunction, and other rare bleeding disorders.
Optum Women’s Bleeding Disorder Support (OWBDS) offers support and resources for your treatment journey.

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How Optum can help you

Living with a bleeding disorder can be challenging. OWBDS is here to help. Whether you’ve been dealing with bleeding symptoms for years or are newly diagnosed, we are with you on this journey.
We offer these specialized resources:
  • A bleeding health history form to help you talk about your symptoms with your doctor
  • Medication and supplies for your condition
  • In-home infusion and education nursing services
  • A specialized physical therapy program
  • Medication administration logs
  • A medical alert ID
  • School education and care coordination
  • One-to-one customer service
  • Educational offerings for all ages
  • Connection with other women with bleeding disorders for support and networking
  • Tailored resources about bleeding disorders for you, your family, and your school or workplace

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Bleeding health history form

If you have unexplained bleeding, you might have an undiagnosed bleeding disorder. This tool lets you track your bleeding symptoms. This helps your doctor understand your health and bleeding history.