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FDA INDICATION: In adults and children (aged 12 years and above) with hereditary factor X deficiency for on-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes, and perioperative management of bleeding in patients with mild hereditary factor X deficiency. Package Insert

CLASS: Human

DISTRIBUTOR: Bio Products Laboratory (BPL)

ASSAY SIZE (IU): 250, 500

DILUENT SIZE: 2.5 mL (250 IU), 5.0 mL (500 IU)


STORAGE: Store the coagadex package in a refrigerator or at room temperature (36–86°F). Do not freeze. Do not use coagadex or the sterile water for injection after the expiration date printed on the vial 365 and carton labels. The expiration date refers to the last day of that month.

HALF-LIFE: 30.3 hours

PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  mycoagadex.medmonk.com

OTHER WEBSITES: factorXinfo.comcoagadex.com