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Diplomat is proud to support patients with immune neutropenia through treatment and education. Living with an abnormally low white blood cell count leaves patients vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. Therapies can help manage the severity of possible infections, but preventive measures are also necessary. That’s why we’re here to do whatever it takes to help limit infections and treat any underlying disease process. We do this by delivering therapies on time and providing 24/7 access to our clinical experts. Our team is here to answer any questions on side effects and refills, or just to talk through a difficult day. Throughout treatment, we are in constant communication with the entire care team, making sure each member gets the information they need.

Immune Neutropenia

One of the first steps after an immune neutropenia diagnosis is understanding the condition. The information on this site and linked sites is not meant to replace your physician’s advice, medical care or a diagnosis. If you have questions about your disease, please ask your prescriber.


Patients with immune neutropenia have an unusually low count of neutrophils caused by the immune system attacking its own. Neutrophils are white blood cells responsible for fighting infection. The lower a patient’s neutrophil count, the more prone they are to disease.

In most cases, neutropenia is diagnosed by a blood test. Some patients have no symptoms, while others suffer from frequent or chronic infections. Consequently, treatment can vary according to immune neutropenia’s underlying cause and other patient conditions.

Close attention to hygiene is crucial, both for individuals with neutropenia and their family and/or caregivers.


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The information contained herein may not be construed as medical advice. It is for educational purposes only. Diplomat Pharmacy Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the information contained herein, nor the claims or statements of any manufacturer.

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