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Our experience with hemophilia and bleeding disorders runs deep. Together with our teammates, we provide comprehensive, personalized and localized treatment for hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other rare bleeding disorders.

Our patients and prescribers can expect 24/7 support, on-time delivery of clotting factor and home infusion supplies, and comprehensive self-infusion training by registered nurses.

Conditions & Therapies

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  • REBUILD logo

    Physical therapy is key to comprehensive hemophilia management. REBUILD facilitates training and connections between hemophilia patients and their local physical therapists.

  • IMPACT logo

    A comprehensive in-home inhibitor management program, IMPACT helps families affected by hemophilia with inhibitor options, education and personal support.


  • Can I Use Diplomat?

    Can I Use Diplomat?

    We provide benefits investigation and help verify your eligibility for our programs and services. Fill out a simple form and we’ll get in touch with you.
  • Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance

    We help connect patients with nonprofit, manufacturer-sponsored and third-party funding options to keep therapy affordable.
  • Hemophilia of North Carolina Educational Scholarship Program

    Hemophilia of North Carolina Educational Scholarship Program

    All bleeding disorder patients, siblings, caregivers or parents pursuing higher education or professional training are encouraged to apply.
  • It’s Always About Nate

    It’s Always About Nate

    The fourth in the “Nate” series, this children’s story explores how bleeding disorders affect parents’ and siblings’ lives too—and how a little compassion can go a long way.
  • The Great Inhibinator

    The Great Inhibinator

    By working through his feelings with his family, six-year-old Nate finds a way to feel powerful despite his inhibitor diagnoses.
  • StrapWrap®


    Able to fasten to seatbelts, bag straps and bicycles, the StrapWrapⓇ keeps medical history and information secure and accessible to emergency responders.
  • Hemophilia Newsletter

    Hemophilia Newsletter

    Stay current on news, tips, stories, advancements and more from the hemophilia community. Available via email or print.
  • Kids Hemophilia Calendar Contest

    Kids Hemophilia Calendar Contest

    Children with bleeding disorders and their families are invited to submit artwork for this year’s calendar contest.
  • Be a Hero Mat

    Be a Hero Mat

    This mat provides a clean surface to help children learn to infuse at home, with clear instructions and colorful illustrations.
  • I Am Nate!

    I Am Nate!

    I Am Nate is designed for pre-schoolers who are still learning the basics of hemophilia.

Featured Technology

A mobile health care application for patients with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders. The app helps patients conveniently track their personal infusion records and bleeding event history, as well as share important injury and treatment information with members of their health care team.

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