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Hemophilia Workshops

Interactive Learning With Other Kids & Caregivers

Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group offers safe learning environments where children can build relationships and express themselves. We host workshops to help children ages 4–17 — and their caregivers — manage stress and live healthier. Beyond bleeding-disorder education, Diplomat’s hands-on workshops also give kids a chance to learn about exciting careers.

To schedule a workshop, call 866.442.4679 or email info@diplomat.is.

Diplomat’s educational workshops include:

  • Blood Buddies: Bleeding Disorder Education
  • Broadway Bound: Casting Call
  • Broadway Bound: Call Backs
  • Clot Shots: Film Production Techniques
  • Navigating Bleeding Disorders in a School Setting
  • Taking Care of You
  • Writing Workshop

Blood Buddies: Bleeding Disorder Education

Recommended Ages 5–8

Children will learn about clotting disorders and processes. With the support of buddies who also have hemophilia, kids gain a better understanding of their condition. This workshop is based on The Great Inhibinator from our “Nate” book series, which stars a 6-year-old boy with a bleeding disorder.


  • Superhero theme
  • Crafts and hands-on activities

Broadway Bound: Casting Call

Recommended Ages 5–12 

Kids will collaborate with their peers to boost confidence, embrace positive responses, and be creative. Each child will participate in a 10-minute showcase to demonstrate their new improvisation skills. This workshop lets every child be a star on Broadway!


  • Games and exercises
  • Theater-like setting

Broadway Bound: Call Backs

Recommended Ages 13–18 

Teens will explore and practice successful improvisation techniques. Participants will create a dialogue using “I” statements and phrases such as “Yes, and …”. At the end of the workshop, children will display what they’ve learned in a 15- to 20-minute performance.

This workshop will build relationships, demonstrate a group mindset, and prepare teens for the red carpet.


  • Games and exercises
  • Theater-like setting

Clot Shots: Film Production Techniques

Recommended Ages 12–18 

In this workshop, teens will learn about commercial film production techniques and use them for personal expression. Topics include:

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Filming
  • Lighting
  • Overdubbing
  • Writing


  • Team building and collaboration
  • Developing, producing, and presenting a video

Navigating Bleeding Disorders in a School Setting

All School Caregivers 

This workshop teaches authorities in school settings how to manage children with bleeding disorders. Participants will learn what it’s like living with a bleeding disorder and ways to protect children’s privacy.


  • The basic understanding of bleeding disorders
  • Following protocol and ensuring safety

Taking Care of You

All Ages, Including Caregivers

Participants will learn to live a healthier lifestyle by managing stress. This workshop challenges participants to face obstacles associated with blood disorders more confidently.


  • Self-evaluation and reflection
  • Facing challenging situations

Writing Workshop

Recommended Ages 12–18

In this workshop, teens will learn the art of creative writing to express the emotional and social challenges associated with chronic bleeding disorders.


  • Emphasizing personal experiences
  • Promoting healing and self-reflection

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