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Bleeding Disorder Workshops

Build relationships, promote outreach, provide education to the community, and inspire all

Blood Buddies

Recommended ages 5-8

Mission: To provide children living with a bleeding disorder with age-appropriate knowledge of their condition and raise self-awareness and confidence.

  • Superhero theme
  • Crafts and hands-on activities

Objectives: Children will learn about bleeding disorders and the blood-clotting process. With the support of buddies who also have hemophilia, children will gain a better understanding of their disease state. This workshop is based on The Great Inhibinator book series, which stars a main character who has a bleeding disorder.

Clot Shots

Recommended ages 12-18

Mission: To provide patients living with a bleeding disorder a way to explore modern technology and use it for personal expression.

  • Team building and collaboration
  • Developing, producing, and presenting a video

Objectives: This program teaches filmmaking. Teens will learn about directing, acting, producing, editing, scripting, and technical aspects as they create a short film. This workshop helps those who take part express themselves and teach others how to cope with a bleeding disorder.

Factor Funnies

Recommended ages 5-12, 13-18

Mission: To allow teens and adults to express the emotional and social challenges associated with chronic bleeding disorders.

  • Emphasize personal experiences
  • Promote healing and self-reflection

Objectives: Children will reflect on how their journey with a bleeding disorder impacts their lives. They will bring hopes, dreams, goals and memories to life that they are able to share verbally with their peers and capture in a small sketchbook that will be theirs to take and add to over time.

Anatomy ABCs

Recommended ages 5-18

Mission: To teach children and teens how their joint anatomy and bleeds are connected.

Objectives: By using body crayons, tracings and other media, children will learn about the joints and muscles that are most important to them. They’ll discuss what happens with joint bleeds, how they affect the way the body normally works, and how “target joints” form. This will help them better understand how bleeds cause challenges with everyday movement. 

Classic Canvas

Recommended ages 5-12, 13-18

Mission: To bring together those living with a bleeding disorder and engage their creative side. This color therapy will help children and teens cope with the social and emotional challenges of living with a bleeding disorder.

  • Paint on canvas
  • Discuss color and the moods they portray

Objectives: Children and teens will paint using the Classic Canvas. Paintings can follow a template or be adapted to the theme of your event, walk, or camp. Teens will use their knowledge of the colors to express their feelings and be able to engage their audience. Kids will build relationships and find common bonds through their art and living life with a bleeding disorder.

Broadway Bound

Mission: To allow children with bleeding disorders to experience theater through interactive confidence-building skills, improvisation, and expression.

  • Games and exercises
  • Theater-like setting

Casting Call

Recommended ages 5-12

Objectives: Kids will work together to boost confidence, embrace positive responses, and be creative. Each child will participate in a 10-minute showcase to demonstrate their new improvisation skills. This workshop lets every child be a star on Broadway!

Call Backs

Recommended ages 13-18

Objectives: Teens and adults will explore and practice successful improvisation techniques. Participants will practice expressing themselves using “I” statements and phrases such as, “Yes, and …” At the end of the workshop, children will display what they’ve learned in a 15- to 20-minute performance. This workshop will build relationships, demonstrate group mindset, and prepare teens for the red carpet.