Reclaim your time for patient care.

Diplomat simplifies treatment for complex conditions.

Your pharmacy should work for you, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve designed our clinical and administrative services with your practice—and your patients—in mind.

See how Diplomat improved Jacque’s patient experience.

Read her story View All Stories

See how Diplomat improved Jacque’s patient experience.

Read her story View All Stories

Save your staff time and effort while supporting patients through their treatment experience.

Improve Care.

Ensure excellent patient care with our Centers of Excellence that bring focused expertise to specific conditions.

Secure Assistance.

Secure third-party financial assistance to help patients afford the therapy they need.

Boost Adherence.

Keep patients adherent through condition education, side-effect tip cards, and innovative packaging.


Track patient prescriptions with our provider portal and 24/7 clinical support.

Here for infusion services?

Diplomat can help your patients succeed on infusion therapy.

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Get patients on therapy quickly.

We help your patients meet payer requirements.

Provider offices average 14.6 hours per week working on prior authorizations,1 so it’s no surprise that staff members often can’t spend much time with each patient.

Your job is stressful enough. We’ll handle the paperwork for prior authorizations and appeals; you can get back to caring for your patients.

1. American Medical Association, “2017 AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey,” February 2018. Based on web-based survey of 1,000 physicians practicing in the U.S.

8 out of 10 Diplomat prescriptions requiring a prior authorization are approved on the first attempt.2

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2. Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy Prior Authorizations & Appeals, 2017. Includes new prior authorizations and renewals.

Manage patient information effortlessly.

Diplomat’s intuitive portal simplifies care.

Diplomat’s provider portal makes it easy to manage your patients’ prescriptions anytime, anywhere. Track financial assistance, prior authorization status, and more.

We’re here to simplify the prescription process and keep your patients on track.