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Reclaim your time for patient care.

Diplomat simplifies treatment for complex conditions.

Your pharmacy should work for you, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve designed our clinical and administrative services with your practice — and your patients — in mind.

We don’t just dispense medication — we’re an extension of your patients’ healthcare team. Whether it’s insurance coordination, financial assistance, or clinical management, Diplomat has you and your patients covered.

Get on the right therapy

Get patients on the right therapy.

Diplomat has extensive drug access.

We have access to more than 125 limited-distribution drugs, with clinical expertise for all stages of treatment. Our trusted pharmacy support helps your patients adhere to therapy.

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Our Process

We help patients throughout the treatment journey.

Diplomat simplifies the prescription process and sets patients up for long-term success. Our patients stay on therapy longer, managing their conditions with less disruption and worry.

We get patients on the right therapy, helping them meet insurance requirements, find financial assistance, and stay adherent. And we’ll make sure you’re in the loop through our intuitive provider portal.

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Your job is stressful enough.

Simplify care with the Diplomat Provider Portal.

Gain instant visibility to your patients’ Diplomat prescriptions — anytime, anywhere. Our innovative portal shows financial assistance, prior authorization status, and more to help you keep patients on track.

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