Patient Information, Managed Effortlessly

Diplomat works to make the prescription process simple and transparent. With our innovative Provider Portal, providers can manage specialty prescriptions anytime, anywhere.

Get 24/7 Access From Anywhere

Available for free online, the Diplomat Provider Portal works seamlessly across all major devices to keep patient information in sync.

View Patient Information in One Place

Diplomat’s portal dashboard gives providers easy access to patients’ current specialty prescriptions, clinical information, side effects, and more.

Track Every Prescription at Every Step

A status bar shows each step of the prescription process. Providers can click any step on the status bar and view where prescriptions stand in the process.

Ask Questions
in Real Time

From anywhere in the provider portal, open a live chat with a Diplomat representative.

Upload Documents

Upload non-prescription documents to the portal instead of faxing them.

Receive Patient

The notification view collects crucial patient medication and status updates.

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