A Hemophilia Physical Therapy Solution

Physical therapy is a key component of overall hemophilia management.

Strengthening muscles and joints can improve mobility, flexibility, balance, physical fitness and everyday functional ability. Physical therapists can also teach about the early recognition of musculoskeletal bleeding complications, conservative methods to manage current bleeds and strategies to prevent future bleeds.

[REBUILD] has completely changed my life for the better. I do not get nearly as many bleeds.

REBUILD patient

REBUILD is a leading-edge collaborative care program designed to enhance physical therapy services and promote positive therapy outcomes for people with hemophilia. With REBUILD, we recognize that:

  • People with hemophilia have a rare disorder, with unique challenges from musculoskeletal bleeding.
  • Physical therapy care must be customized, keeping hemophilia in mind.
  • Most community physical therapists do not receive specialized training about hemophilia.

It is our mission to partner with people who have hemophilia and their physical therapists to provide the education, support and collaborative connection that facilitates successful therapy outcomes.

REBUILD’s physical therapist can collaborate with your hemophilia treatment center (HTC), HTC physical therapist and/or other local therapist to support you and promote a customized physical therapy approach.

I went from hardly being able to go up stairs to being able to do anything that I wanted pretty much. It’s basically changed my whole life. I’m very grateful for it. It’s helped me quit smoking too.

REBUILD patient

REBUILD offers:

  • A connection between a hemophilia specialist and your local, treating therapist
  • Opportunities for specialized training of local physical therapists to learn more about hemophilia and its impact on the musculoskeletal system
  • A liaison between you, your physical therapist and your hemophilia treatment team

Who qualifies?

In general, qualified candidates for REBUILD are experiencing impaired physical function due to complications related to musculoskeletal bleeding, such as:

  • Acute tissue, muscle or joint injury
  • Pre- or post-operative rehabilitation
  • Chronic synovitis
  • Target joints or hemophilic arthritis

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