An In-Home Inhibitor Management Program

In 2006, we created IMPACT, a specialized home care program to help physicians, families and health insurers manage inhibitors to hemophilia clotting factor. The program provides a set of tools and procedures aimed at increasing patient compliance and improving clinical outcomes through education, increased clinical surveillance and reporting.

The formation of inhibitors or antibodies to hemophilia clotting factor is a serious condition that affects up to 30 percent of people living with hemophilia at some time during the course of their lives (more commonly in hemophilia A). People with inhibitors generally have a greater degree of arthropathy, pain and mobility problems than their counterparts without inhibitors. Musculoskeletal bleeding has also been shown to be more frequent in people with inhibitors, resulting in more frequent hospitalizations and missed days of work and school.

An inhibitor is an immune system antibody response to medications (clotting factors) used to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. As inhibitors attach to the medications in the bloodstream, they render the medications ineffective, which can pose grave health risks during a bleeding episode. While there are effective treatments available, they are extraordinarily expensive and require considerable time and energy of the family to maintain compliance and ensure that the physician’s plan of care is followed.

IMPACT provides treatment “coaches,” training aids, proprietary family and school educational programs, and increased clinical interventions by our clinical and customer service staff. Additionally, a financial review and counseling component of the program helps protect the family and health plan during the course of treatment. Lastly, there is a heightened level of reporting and coordination offered to physicians’ offices that are following and prescribing the care for these individuals.

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