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PIDD Consumer Advocacy

Personal Support From Advocates Who Understand


You and your family are not alone. Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group’s qualified consumer advocates are members of the primary immunodeficiency disease (PIDD) community themselves. They are all patients, spouses, parents, or others who live with PIDD every day. Serving as your primary contact, your consumer advocate give you and your caregiver the support you need.

Secure treatment.

Available 24/7 to support you at every step, we help you navigate the complex healthcare system to start and stay on your therapy.

Receive constant support.

We proactively schedule supplies and drug deliveries, ensure in-home inventory is maintained, and coordinate nursing support.

Minimize fears and frustrations.

We educate you on your condition, therapy, and device — listening and addressing your questions about PIDD.

Engage with your community.

We connect you with local and regional nonprofit and consumer support groups.

"Because I have a daughter with CVID who has received IgG therapy at home for 19 years, I want to make sure our PIDD consumers have access to the clinical care and support services I want for my own child."

– Carol Ernst, RN, director of consumer advocacy


Questions? Speak with Carol Ernst, director of our consumer advocacy program.

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