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ACT10N for Factor X

Custom Support for People With Factor X Deficiency


Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group’s ACT10N program provides specialized infusion care and education. We’ll develop an individualized care plan that can include:

  • Home delivery of Coagadex® (factor X concentrate)
  • Home infusion where possible
  • Specially trained home infusion nurses
  • Disease education, training, and resources
  • Insurance and reimbursement coordination
  • 24/7 clinical support

Specialized Service for Factor X Deficiency

Diplomat provides a comprehensive, highly specialized home service model that accommodates the unique needs of factor X patients. Your dedicated customer care representative is formally trained on your medication and factor X deficiency.

Specialized resources available through ACT10N include:

  • Factor X nurse educators on staff
  • Factor X patient and professional advisory panels
  • EMT and ER training programs
  • Medical-alert safety items
  • School preparedness program
  • MyFactor® infusion log app

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