The Off to College Brochure includes a checklist to help primary immunodeficiency disease (PIDD) patients and their families prepare for college. The brochure is available free of charge to individuals with PIDD and their caregivers.

Carol Ernst, RN, director of consumer advocacy, developed the checklist after helping her own daughter, Emily, get ready to attend the University of Michigan last year. “Emily was diagnosed with PIDD when she was 3,” Carol says, “so we have been living with PIDD for more than 15 years. But college life presents a number of new situations that the PIDD patient has to adapt to in order to manage their disorder. I learned firsthand what some of these issues are, and wanted to share some of the things that Emily and I learned with other PIDD families, to enhance their college experience. Our ultimate goal is patient independence and overall improved quality of life.”

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Available to both Diplomat and non-Diplomat patients and their families.

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