Be a Hero Teaching Infusion Mat

Home infusion of clotting factor continues to be one of the most effective treatments available for severe hemophilia. For children needing regular home infusions, however, caregivers often run into unique challenges, including anxiety and teaching children proper self-infusion.

Because many of our own employees live with hemophilia or help care for someone who does, we intimately understand the challenges facing children needing home infusions. That’s why we’ve developed the Be a Hero Teaching Infusion Mat.

The mat is designed to make treating hemophilia easier by:

  • Providing an easy-to-clean surface to prep for home infusion
  • Giving simple, step-by-step instructions on administering a home infusion, from preparation to logging and disposal
  • Vividly depicting each step in the infusion process with colorful illustrations to eliminate guesswork
  • Simplifying the process of teaching children to self-infuse

Whether you’re new to home infusion for hemophilia or you’re an infusion veteran looking for a teaching aid, we’ve designed this infusion mat for you. Simply fill out the form to receive your very own Be a Hero Teaching Infusion Mat.

Note: The Be a Hero Teaching Infusion Mat is limited to members of the bleeding disorders community only.

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Available to both Diplomat and non-Diplomat patients and their families.

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