Connecting Patients to Therapy

As the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy, specialty care is our singular focus. We’re eager to support pharmaceutical manufacturers with proactive, forward-thinking solutions.

Built on patient care and guided by our entrepreneurial spirit, Diplomat stands apart by providing dynamic support to meet the unique needs of our partners—and our patients.

Our background designing diverse distribution programs enables us to create efficient solutions tailored to manufacturer needs. Our portfolio includes numerous successful limited-distribution drugs, including orphan therapies.

We capture information with our eNav® proprietary care system, then use our business intelligence and reporting tools to deliver insights and actionable data.

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EnvoyHealth: Helping Patients Access Medications

EnvoyHealth, a Diplomat company, acts as a flexible partner to deliver specialty pharmacy management services to manufacturers. The company’s comprehensive suite of customized, fee-for-service offerings includes a full-service, patient-oriented hub; patient assistance programs; wholesale distribution; data aggregation and reporting; and real-world research. EnvoyHealth helps pharmaceutical manufacturers get their medications to market and into the hands of the patients who need them.

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