Average Quarterly Savings Per Patient From Not Auto-Shipping*
* Diplomat internal data, 2016. Based on cost of treatment per day during intentional gaps in therapy.



Annual Savings For One Payor Client
Diplomat internal data, 2016. Approximate.

Delivering Savings Now and in the Future

That’s our commitment. At Diplomat, we help take care of the nation’s sickest patients—a responsibility we take very seriously.

For more than 40 years, Diplomat has been focused on compassionate care. Compassion alone, however, isn’t enough. When high costs and constant change are the norm, Diplomat helps payors achieve the best possible outcomes at the most effective price. Our independence allows us to focus singularly on payor needs and patients without any external influences.

We work with more than 2,500 health plans, including commercial, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid, that together represent access to 194 million lives. We have several programs and services available to payors that support patient adherence, ensure appropriate use, minimize waste, and reduce overall pharmacy spend—almost 6 percent for one customer.

  • We don’t auto-ship medication. We always call the member first to confirm the need for a refill. We track and manage every vial, every pill, and every dose.
    • In 2016, an average of $1,082 was saved per patient per quarter on select medications that were not auto-shipped.1
    • In one case study of a managed Medicaid health plan covering 178,000 lives, this high-touch intervention saved the plan nearly $51,000 per patient per quarter.2
  • Diplomat’s split-fill program focuses on approximately 40 highly prescribed medications that have a high discontinuation rate. The program dispenses a limited supply of medication to minimize waste if adverse effects cause the patient to switch therapies.
  • Our site-of-care management services identify ways to improve cost management and maximize return on investment without disrupting member or provider service.

We understand it’s critical for payors to have clear insight to their members’ experience as they undergo expensive treatments. By working alongside the patient’s care team, Diplomat can consult with you and provide unparalleled transparency.

Our team provides actionable data through regular business reviews. We capture information with our eNav® proprietary care system, then use our business intelligence and reporting tools to deliver insights about contract spend, patient demographics, and clinical interventions.

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