Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy® and Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group® are joining the Optum® family.

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Specialty Pharmacy FAQ  •  Infusion Pharmacy FAQ

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Manage the continuum of specialty therapies.

Diplomat is an integrated-benefit solution.

Specialty medications — especially infused therapies — span the pharmacy and medical benefits. Diplomat works across benefits to help you manage specialty trend and optimize clinical care.

Our Services

Diplomat’s Support for Commercial Plans
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    Expertise Across Benefits

    Diplomat’s Centers of Excellence seamlessly manage patients across the medical and pharmacy benefits, with site-of-care redirection and channel management to control care costs.

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    Customized Split-Fill Program

    Our split-fill program — including more than 65 medications — expands with significant pipeline advances to avoid waste as therapies evolve.

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    Trend Management

    We help you plan for specialty spend through pipeline forecasting, budget-impact modeling, and tailored clinical management.