One client saved$25,000annually per infused member by transitioning care to the home*
* Diplomat Case Study, 2016. Approximate.

Delivering Savings Now and in the Future

That’s our commitment. Diplomat helps take care of the nation’s sickest patients—a responsibility we take seriously. We’ve built an exceptional reputation for developing innovative, patient-centric programs. We optimize therapy management while giving patients the personal care they deserve.

  • CLINICAL SUPPORT: Through education and intervention, we empower patients to stay adherent and minimize unnecessary hospitalizations. We identify and act on inappropriate therapy, provide expert counseling, and offer adherence tools to prevent therapy abandonment.
  • SITE-OF-CARE SERVICES: Diplomat identifies the most cost-effective, convenient treatment location for each patient. This increases adherence, quality of life, and satisfaction for your members while saving you money. For one client, transitioning IVIG infusions from the hospital outpatient setting to the members’ home saved administration fees of $2,500 per infusion—$25,000 annually per infused member.1
  • WASTE MITIGATION: We don’t ship therapies to patients without first confirming a need. This ensures that unused medication doesn’t pile up. We also target medications with high discontinuation rates through our split-fill program. This proactively minimizes waste in case adverse effects cause a patient to stop therapy.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: We collect information on clinical demographics, interventions, and outcomes. Through data analysis, we provide actionable insight that helps you refine care models and formulary designs to benefit you and your members.

We prioritize what’s important to our payer partners: accurate information, cost-effective care and member satisfaction. At Diplomat, you get the best specialty care for your plans.

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Hospitals and Health Systems

Diplomat enables health systems to expand their capabilities for patients through specialty pharmacy service programs. Our a la carte, fee-for-service offerings include:

  • Specialty dispensing support
  • Backup pharmacy support
  • 340B contract pharmacy partnership
  • Employee education

Diplomat University

For years, Diplomat University has provided expert specialty pharmacy education to Diplomat employees. Now, our partners can take advantage of these educational opportunities.