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Outrunning Prostate Cancer

Diplomat fought alongside John so he could afford his prostate cancer treatment.

“When I need another month’s worth of drugs, they call me … in advance and set up the delivery date. They’re very proactive in helping their patients.”

— John, Runner & Diplomat Patient

John had been active all his life but didn’t take up running until age 40. He joined a running group that taught him how to train for marathons. At age 59, after running two in four weeks, he noticed an alarming sign: blood beneath him on the bathroom floor.

“I’m thinking, ‘Well, that’s overtraining.’”

Still, he got it checked out. A urologist diagnosed him with prostate cancer.

He didn’t stop running.

And despite his medications causing significant side effects, he didn’t let them hold him back, lifting weights twice per week to combat drug-induced osteoporosis.

The medications allowed him to prolong his time off chemotherapy. With Diplomat, John could afford the treatment needed to maintain his active lifestyle.

“Diplomat looks out for me. They call me every month when they want to schedule a delivery. They send the box worth $6,000 of medicines, so they [ask] me, ‘When do I want to get it? When will I be home to sign for it?’ and things like that. … They’re just looking out for me all the time, and it makes it easy to deal with them and to deal with getting my drugs.”

John took up golf for the first time in 38 years despite the loss of muscle mass and hot flashes caused by his hormone treatment. He said his medication allowed him to spend more time with friends and family, as well as to play golf regularly with his son, grandkids and a friend.

John learned to live with his condition. He compared it to diabetes, noting it was something he would manage the rest of his life.

“I’m not thinking about cancer all the time at all. I’ve got a cold right now, but that hasn’t changed my life either. Cancer’s the same thing, you know. I might get over the cold, and I probably won’t get over the cancer, but it’s not affecting the way I live.”

“You know, I’ve got cancer, but I’m probably happier right now than I’ve ever been in my life.”

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