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Diplomat and EnvoyHealth assist with patient support, analytics, and research. We provide comprehensive, actionable data on patients, the drug pipeline, and trends in care.

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We work as an extension of prescribers’ teams, providing patient support, as well as patient and industry data.

  • Patient support: We are a 24/7 resource for patients. In addition to support with dispensing, benefits investigation, prior authorization, and appeals, our highly trained pharmacists provide patients with clinical information and answer medication questions—day or night.
  • Call center support: EnvoyHealth offers administrative call center services for prescribers’ front offices, servicing every patient promptly while easing the burden on office staff. To learn more, visit the EnvoyHealth website.
  • Pipeline information and forecasting: Diplomat monitors the specialty drug pipeline both pre- and post-approval. We can provide specialty drug overviews and presentations, pipeline reports, and drug-launch services. Through EnvoyHealth, hospitals, payors, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can contract for specific drug pipeline studies. To learn more, visit the EnvoyHealth website.

If your patients have chronic or complex conditions, send us a prescription using our simple online enrollment forms. Let us impress you with our dedication to patients’ total health experience.

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Diplomat supports payor clients as they work to contain costs, maximize adherence, ensure effective resource allocation, and manage members who need specialty services. Contact us to learn more.

EnvoyHealth offers payor clients access to a suite of fee-for-service solutions, including targeted cost trend management services:

  • Patient data reporting and adherence management
  • Industry trend reporting
  • Formulary and rebate management
  • Delegated prior authorization
  • Medical management services
  • Employee education through Diplomat University

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Diplomat works with pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide patient access and drug management services. Contact us to learn more.

EnvoyHealth provides solutions to help manufacturers move their drugs to market and get them to the patients who need them, including:

  • A full palette of hub services
  • Expanded access services to help move medications to market
  • Formulary and rebate management
  • Noncommercial pharmacy services
  • Patient research, analytics, and reporting
  • Employee education through Diplomat University

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At Diplomat, we work to take care of patients’ whole health experience. In addition to dispensing medication, we can provide patients and their caregivers with evaluation and support for third-party funding, insurance, and appeals.

  • Medication questions: We are a 24/7 resource. Our highly trained pharmacists can provide medication information and answer therapy questions day or night.
  • Funding support: We evaluate eligibility for foundation- and manufacturer-sponsored copay assistance.
  • Insurance and appeals: We work with insurance companies to make sure medication is covered and appeal rejected claims on patients’ behalf.
  • Adherence help: With our Care Kits, CarePak™ packaging, and medication information, we make it easy for patients to know exactly when to take which medications, as well as how to manage any side effects.

To learn more about how we can help your particular condition, visit our Areas of Excellence page.