FLINT, Mich. – July 28, 2016 – The nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy launches a campaign to raise awareness of viral hepatitis and the people touched by the disease.

Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. (NYSE: DPLO) is recognizing World Hepatitis Day with a campaign to raise awareness of the disease and honor patients who have felt its effects. World Hepatitis Day occurs annually July 28.

Meet Jacque: Conquering Hepatitis as a Diplomat Patient

Many of Diplomat’s own patients, including Jacque, have spent much of their lives waiting for a cure. Though Jacque was diagnosed in 2004, she had been living with hepatitis since the 1970s. Today, as a former Diplomat patient, Jacque no longer lives with the disease.

“Patients with hepatitis require a coordinated care team. Our hepatitis program is centered on patients’ goals for therapy and supported by an individual care team to assist emotionally while providing the highest level of care,” said Diplomat CEO and Chairman Phil Hagerman. “As a specialty pharmacy, we’re here to support the patients’ health and help them thrive. Knowing that we played a part in Jacque’s cure is a step forward in our commitment to eliminate viral hepatitis.”

In recent years, research has changed the fight against hepatitis. As the World Health Organization (WHO) fights to eradicate hepatitis by 2030, Diplomat is playing its part by launching a World Hepatitis Day campaign to raise awareness of what needs to be done to strengthen efforts in prevention, screening and control of the disease.

Viral hepatitis is caused by an infection of one of five viruses—hepatitis A, B, C, D or E. According to the WHO, an estimated 240 million people live with chronic hepatitis B and 150 million with chronic hepatitis C. Worldwide, less than 1 percent of patients with hepatitis are able to access the treatment they need.

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About Diplomat

Diplomat (NYSE: DPLO) serves patients and physicians in all 50 states. Headquartered in Flint, Michigan, the company focuses on medication management programs for people with complex chronic diseases, including oncology, immunology, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, specialized infusion therapy and many other serious or long-term conditions. Diplomat opened its doors in 1975 as a neighborhood pharmacy with one essential tenet: “Take good care of patients and the rest falls into place.” Today, that tradition continues—always focused on improving patient care and clinical adherence. For more information visit diplomat.is.


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