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What to Eat When You're Feeling Nauseous

If you’re feeling nauseous or having difficulty tolerating foods, the BRAT diet is a simple regimen that can ease you back to a normal diet. Read More See All Posts

Eat healthy during cancer treatment.

Request a consultation from Diplomat’s nutritionist.

Israa Alia, RDN, MBA, is passionate about helping patients live healthier lives through proper nutrition. Diplomat oncology patients can speak with Israa by phone. She’ll answer your nutrition questions, explain malnutrition risks, and coach you on cancer-specific dietary needs.

To schedule a nutrition assessment with Israa, fill out the form below. Israa works Monday–Wednesday; she will contact you on one of those days once she has reviewed your medical history.

(Please include your time zone.)

By completing this form, I agree that Diplomat may contact me with information about its products, programs, and services. This may include contact by mail, phone, or email. I understand that I can opt out of these communications at any time.

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Home Nutrition Support

Customized Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) Therapy

Our nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists help you manage total parenteral and enteral nutrition in your home. Our tailored therapies include:

  • TPN dispensing and in-home assistance
  • Programs to help you achieve you nutrition goals
  • Education, tools, and guidance about your condition and treatment
  • Access to nutrition-support experts
  • Connections to others who use TPN
  • TPN support products designed to make your every life easier

These nutrition-support services are provided by ThriveRx, a division of Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group. You can learn more at their website below.

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Nutrition FAQ

Am I eligible for a nutrition assessment? We currently offer nutrition assessments for Diplomat patients receiving cancer treatment. Those patients can fill out the form above to request a call from Israa, our nutritionist. Do I have to pay for a nutrition assessment? No! These assessments are a free service for Diplomat patients who are receiving cancer treatment. What happens after I submit my request? Israa works Monday–Wednesday. She will contact you on one of these days after reviewing your medical history. Israa will work with you to develop an eating plan that works for you, so be ready to talk about what you eat in a typical day. How do I sign up for an assessment? Just fill out the form above. We’ll contact you to set up a time to talk with Israa.

Healthy Recipes

Delicious Ways to Eat Better
Phytonutrient rich foods red

Eat the Rainbow: Go Red to Help Your Heart

Red fruits and vegetables aren’t just the color of your heart — they can help protect it, too.

Full Recipes
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How many calories should I eat?

Calculate your energy needs.

Your body needs a certain amount of calories each day to work properly. This amount changes based on your physical activity level. You can calculate your daily calorie needs below.

Calories needed per day

Need help? Diplomat’s nutritionist, Israa, can help you make a plan that works for you. Request a call.

The above calculator determines your daily calorie needs according to the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation.

Nutrition Quick Tips

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Nutrition tip that reads: Nutrition drinks and high-protein snacks are a great on-the-go food option during the hectic school year.
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Medication tip that reads: Setting phone reminders can make your child’s medication schedule easier to remember.
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