Eating to Beat Malnutrition

Learn how to recognize malnutrition in yourself or someone you love — and what to do about it.
Recipes, Nutrition

Milk & Avocado Smoothie

Make this light and creamy smoothie in minutes. It takes just six ingredients you might already have in your kitchen.

Phytonutrients: Defending Your Body With Plant Power

Phytonutrients are natural defenders of plants. But they can help people, too — including in the fight against cancer.
Recipes, Nutrition

Rainbow Stir-Fry


Colorful vegetables are the star of this Thai-inspired stir-fry.

Caregiver, Lifestyle

Caregiver Strain: Taking Your Feelings Seriously


Taking care of yourself is an important part of being a good caregiver. This article will help you assess the strain you’re under and learn ways to cope.

Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mental Health

Nutrition and Mental Health: The Surprising Connection

Web Food
People with healthier diets are less likely to report symptoms of depression. Learn more about the connection between food and mood.
Lifestyle, Caregiver, Mental Health

Discover the Hidden Faces of Depression

The ill, the elderly, and caregivers can have different symptoms of depression. Learn what the symptoms look like and what to do.

Lifestyle, Caregiver, Mental Health

7 Surprising Signs You May Be Depressed

Women stares blankly at computer screen.

More than 300 million people around the world deal with depression — and just like every person is unique, depression can look and feel different for each individual experiencing it.

Lifestyle, Mental Health

Tools for Coping With Depression

Think you might be depressed? You can take control of your life. Here’s how.
Lifestyle, Mental Health

Reaching Out: How to Stop Men’s Suicide

Learn what people don't understand about therapy for men — and how it can help them.
Lifestyle, Mental Health

3 Ways to Conquer Stress

Don’t let stress distract and overcome you. Here are three ways to conquer it, one day at a time.
Lifestyle, Mental Health

Before It's Too Late: Six Signs That Men Should Seek Help

Alarm clock with man laying in bed out of focus in background.
The support of family and friends is vital to help keep men from suicide. Learn six signs to watch for.

Fun at Home: Simple Activities for Kids

The Diplomat Activity Book

What can kids do when they have to stay at home for a health condition? We’ve collected some easy, fun activities for them to try.

Lifestyle, Mental Health

Resources for Help With Depression

Are you dealing with depression or thoughts of suicide? You can find resources to help you here.

How to Hydrate Right

Learn about the best ways to get enough water — and why not all foods and drinks hydrate equally well.

Staying Nourished While Nauseated & Vomiting

Your body can lose nutrients when you're ill and vomiting. Here's how to replace them.

The Hidden Nutrient: Staying Hydrated

Learn why it's important to get enough water each day.
Recipes, Nutrition

Electrolyte Water: A Delicious Way to Hydrate

Make a simple and delicious sports drink — without all the added sugar.

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