Disposing of Unused Medication

You can dispose of medication safely and anonymously at an authorized drug take-back location. To find one near you, visit disposemymeds.org or takebackday.dea.gov.

If you can’t access these websites — or travel to a take-back location — Diplomat can help. Call us at 877.977.9118 or request a callback through the Diplomat Patient Portal.



Protect yourself.

According to the FDA, medication errors injure 1.3 million Americans every year. Proper disposal keeps you from accidentally taking expired drugs.

Protect your loved ones.

The CDC estimates that each year, 60,000 children visit the ER for accidental drug ingestion. Eliminate the risk of accidental poisoning — or medication abuse.

Protect your environment.

Improperly flushing medication can affect water quality — whether you use a public supply or a well. Follow the steps above to keep the environment safe.
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