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We're healthier together.

One diagnosis can change every part of your life. But you’re not alone. Diplomat’s Empower Ecosystem brings together resources and support to help you — the whole you — live better every day.

How can we help?

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Live healthier with nutrition support.

Complex conditions — and their treatment — can mean eating less, more, or different food than you’re used to. We help you adjust through one-on-one nutrition counseling, healthy-eating tips, recipes, and more.   EAT HEALTHY
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Dispose of medication safely.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by disposing of old or unused medication the right way. We’ll teach you how. LEARN HOW TO DISPOSE
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Caregivers need support too.

Complex conditions affect more than just the people who have them. We’re collecting resources to help caregivers with their unique and often difficult role. read more
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See what we do.

Learn how Diplomat supports you throughout treatment — from employees who help patients every day. learn more
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What’s a prior authorization?

For some treatments, insurance companies require each patient to prove their need. The patient’s doctor has to show that the treatment is necessary. VIEW OUR FAQ PAGE
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Afford your treatment.

Specialty medications can be expensive. We’ll find third-party organizations that can help you pay for your treatment. Then, we’ll help you through the whole application process. GET FINANCIAL HELP
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Can I use Diplomat?

Patients can often choose which pharmacy dispenses their medication. If you’re not a Diplomat patient, we’ll help you find out if you can switch to us. SEE IF YOU CAN SWITCH
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Know your options for cancer treatment.

Easy-to-read guidelines from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network can help you talk with your doctor — and make informed decisions about your treatment.

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