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REBUILD Physical Therapy

Collaborative Support for People With Hemophilia


Gain strength; reduce bleeds. REBUILD is a collaborative care program designed to enhance physical therapy and improve outcomes for people with hemophilia. Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group’s physical therapist works with your hemophilia treatment center (HTC) and local therapists to customize physical therapy for your unique needs.

A Hemophilia Physical Therapy Solution

Physical therapy is key to hemophilia management. People with hemophilia need physical therapists who are experts in their condition. That’s where REBUILD comes in.

Strengthening muscles and joints can improve your balance, coordination, and everyday motion. Physical therapists can also teach patients about early recognition of musculoskeletal bleeding complications, methods to manage bleeds, and strategies to prevent bleeds.

Download our explanation of why physical therapy helps with hemophilia

REBUILD offers:
  • A connection between a hemophilia specialist and your local, treating therapist
  • Opportunities for specialized training of local physical therapists to learn more about hemophilia and its impact on the musculoskeletal system
  • A liaison between you, your physical therapist, and your hemophilia treatment team

Download our overview of the expert leadership behind REBUILD

Who qualifies for REBUILD?

Qualified candidates for REBUILD typically have impaired physical function due to complications related to musculoskeletal bleeding. These can include:

  • Acute tissue, muscle, or joint injury
  • Pre- or post-operative rehabilitation
  • Chronic synovitis
  • Target joints or hemophilic arthritis

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Woman holding her elbow that is wrapped in a bandage

Compression Wrapping for Joint Bleeds

Our videos show how to wrap your joints during bleeding and recovery. Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group’s physical therapist, Dr. Angie Forsyth, demonstrates how to use pressure wraps on different joints to control hemophilia bleeds safely. The series includes the following videos:
  • Overview of compression wrapping
  • Wrapping your elbow
  • Wrapping your knee
  • When to use compression sleeves

Watch more videos on how to wrap specific joints on YouTube