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Learn More About Severe Combined Immunodeficiency


Learn More About Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

One of the first steps after a severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) diagnosis is understanding the condition. Diplomat is here to help.

But remember: The information here — and on linked sites — is not meant to replace advice, care, or a diagnosis from your physician. If you have questions about your condition, please ask your provider.


Severe combined immunodeficiency is an extremely rare disease, occurring in about one in a million people. Commonly known as “bubble boy” disease, SCID is caused by a genetic predisposition that leaves babies without B or T cells, making even the common cold a life-threatening illness.

New therapies have brought hope to patients with SCID. If screened and treated properly, it is possible for patients to live normal and healthy lives. Scientists continue to research new methods to treat SCID, but immune globulin therapy and — to a greater extent — bone marrow transplants have demonstrated success.


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