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Learn More About Multiple Sclerosis (Relapsing-Remitting)


Learn More About Multiple Sclerosis (Relapsing-Remitting)

One of the first steps after a multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis is understanding the condition. Diplomat is here to help.

But remember: The information here — and on linked sites — is not meant to replace advice, care, or a diagnosis from your physician. If you have questions about your condition, please ask your provider.


As with other neurological disorders, multiple sclerosis occurs when the body’s immune system turns against itself. In MS, the immune system attacks the body’s nerve insulation within the brain. When it attacks the insulation, the nerve signal cannot reach its destination.

No two MS experiences are the same. As nerves come under attack, patients might experience debilitating pain or immobility, while others’ symptoms are relatively mild.

Patients are typically diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40, and MS disproportionately affects women and individuals in the northern U.S.

Patients might experience symptoms impacting their vision, mobility and daily life. Issues with eyesight, such as double vision and red-green color distortion, might appear early. Mobility issues are a big challenge for MS patients. These can include weakness in muscles and difficulty with coordination. In severe instances, this affects walking or standing. Some patients have symptoms affecting their mood, memory or concentration.

There is no cure for MS. It is essential for patients to have access to the right care team to help manage side effects so they can focus on living life.


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