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Learn More About Kawasaki Disease


Learn More About Kawasaki Disease

One of the first steps after a Kawasaki disease diagnosis is understanding the condition. Diplomat is here to help.

But remember: The information here — and on linked sites — is not meant to replace advice, care, or a diagnosis from your physician. If you have questions about your condition, please ask your provider.


Kawasaki disease involves inflammation of the walls of the arteries and, sometimes, the lymph nodes, skin and mucous membranes (like the eyes, mouth, and nose). Kawasaki disease most often affects children younger than 5 years old. Boys, especially of Asian or Pacific Island descent, are more likely to contract Kawasaki disease than girls.

Patients with Kawasaki disease typically experience a fever accompanied by a rash (exhibiting on hands, feet, eyes and body). Kawasaki disease can cause long-term damage to the blood vessels. If it goes untreated, Kawasaki disease can lead to serious cardiac issues, including a risk of clots and restricted blood flow.

Possible symptoms include high fever lasting more than five days, swollen cervical lymph nodes and “strawberry tongue,” which occurs when the tongue appears bright red. Rashes and swelling in the hands and feet, bloodshot eyes, and redness on palms and the soles of feet can also occur.

If diagnosed early, treatment can be highly effective. Therefore, it’s crucial for caregivers to pay close attention and consult a doctor if a child has a fever lasting more than five days.


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