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Learn More About Factor X Deficiency


Factor X deficiency can be inherited or acquired.

    -The inherited form is caused by mutations in the F10 gene, which provides instructions for making coagulation factor X. These mutations can lead to Type 1 or Type 2 factor X deficiency. In Type 1, the blood doesn’t have enough coagulation factor X. In Type 2, the coagulation factor X doesn’t work.

    -The acquired form can be caused by other disorders, such as severe liver disease or systemic amyloidosis. It can be caused by certain drugs (such as medicines that prevent clotting) or by a deficiency of vitamin K.


Traditionally, factor X deficiency was treated with prothrombin complex concentrates, which carried the risk of blood clots. Today, factor X deficiency can be treated with Coagadex® (coagulation factor X [human]), available through Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group.


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