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Hope for those suffering from joint pain.

Patients living with rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis require a coordinated care team. Prescribers to care and diagnose, payors to provide adequate coverage and pharmaceutical companies to continue researching. As a specialty pharmacy, we’re here to lead and offer patients the support they deserve.

At Diplomat, we’ve been working with arthritis patients for over 25 years. We know the intricacies of treatment and how to improve adherence. Our rheumatology program goes well beyond medications. It includes assistance with insurance, paperwork and educational support.

Our team constantly supports those suffering from RA-related autoimmune diseases by streamlining a potentially complicated process. We make sure prescriptions are delivered directly to the patient’s doorstep and make it easy to stay on therapy. As a high-touch specialty pharmacy, we’re here for every member of the health care team and for every challenge the patient faces.

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