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Offering support and treatment options for rare disease patients.

Patients with rare diseases require a coordinated care team. Prescribers to care and diagnose, payors to provide adequate coverage and pharmaceutical companies to continue researching. And as a specialty pharmacy, we’re here to lead and offer patients the support they deserve.

Patients with rare diseases often require orphan drugs or specialty infusion. Our rare disease program puts the patient at the center of everything we do. We offer 24/7 support, answering questions day or night. When patients are facing large copays, we research and uncover financial assistance. We offer in-home treatments to lower costs and improve adherence. We provide post-infusion reports to prescribing physicians to better coordinate care. We don’t do what’s easiest, we do what’s best for our patients. We’re a true teammate in care and we are here to serve.

Rare Disease Facts

An estimated

people in the United States are living with Rare Diseases1

An estimated350M

people worldwide suffer from Rare Diseases1


of Rare Diseases are genetic in origin1

Diplomat offers the support rare disease patients need.

Our programs support many complex conditions, including:

Because these diseases often require specialized treatments and administration, we at Diplomat have made them a priority. All our rare disease programs offer 24/7 support, funding assistance and continuous education. For patients requiring specialty infusion, we facilitate in-home infusion training and on-time delivery of medications.

1. Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center,

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