Careers: We Are Hiring

Strong culture. Meaningful work.
Diplomat employs approximately 2,000 professionals—working together to help every patient realize health, happiness, and longer, fuller lives. We are collaborative and supportive; we stand behind our employees with exceptional benefits, continuing education, and our award-winning wellness programs.

We want this to be the greatest place you’ve ever worked. And we believe it will be.

Join us for:

  • A fast-paced company
  • Opportunities for continued education and growth
  • A commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • On-site wellness programs and classes
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Regular company-sponsored events
  • Much more


Our Values

A thriving company culture is more than good practice. It’s who we are as passionate employees and caring citizens of the world. At Diplomat, we’ve identified five values that set us apart through our ALIVE model. By living ALIVE every day, we have created an exceptional work environment that provides the very best experience for ourselves and for our patients.

  • ALIVE: Authenticity, Love, Inspiration, Vitality, Excellence
  • Humanity amid a system that often feels bureaucratic - Bring the whole you to work. Be open and brave; candor takes courage. Great teams band together. Seek help; offer help.
  • “My big concern is always my patients. I get excited to talk on the phones. I like to talk with my patients. They keep me going.” - Linda, Diplomat Employee
  • At the heart of everything we do is a patient in need. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Every action has an impact. Be courteous, kind and respectful of other‘s time. Represent the person not in the room.
  • “At the end of the day, this prescription represents a life and their future. It all comes back to loving the patients.” - Ryan, Diplomat Employee
  • Ideas, optimism and empowerment. Celebrate victories, big and small. Share appreciation and praise. Look to others‘ success as motivation rather than competition. When you see darkness, make light. Encourage others along the way.
  • “We‘re here to support patients. Even inspire them, in some cases. Usually it‘s the other way around--they inspire us.” - Renee, Diplomat Employee
  • Lives lived to the fullest, no matter the diagnosis. Let your passion drive your work. Prioritize your wellness--relaxation, physical activity and time with loves ones. Make every expectation clear. A team‘s health depends on mutual understanding.
  • “I strive to help people out. That‘s essentially what I was put on this earth to do. I have that opportunity at Diplomat.” - Andrew, Diplomat Employee
  • Leaders and professionals, striving always to improve. Be thirsty for knowledge. Ask questions; find a better way. Change starts with one act. Be the one to move first. Follow through on your promises--to yourself and to others.
  • “Don‘t be afraid to ask questions. You‘re helping everyone learn, just by asking the question. Don‘t be afraid.” - Darius, Diplomat Employee


One internship. Countless opportunities.

Interns at Diplomat can expect a world-class experience from the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy. Here, college students gain real-world experience working within a department based on their skills and career goals. This paid program is not about fetching coffee and making copies. Interns are trusted to work independently on meaningful projects and openly communicate with leaders in their department, who guide them through their time at Diplomat.

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