To better serve patients, we seek to acquire companies that increase our national reach and strengthen our expertise across complex disease states. Following are companies that have become a permanent part of our organization. We are proud to have them share the Diplomat name.

Acquisition History

  • May 2017
    WRB specializes in relationship management programs for leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and health care service organizations.

  • March 2017
    Comfort Infusion, based in Birmingham, Alabama, specializes in intravenous immune globulin therapy to support patients’ immune systems. Comfort Infusion joined the brand Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group to strengthen our broad range of expertise while providing more treatments for patients.

  • February 2017
    Affinity Biotech Inc. is a specialty pharmacy and infusion services company based in Houston, Texas, that provides treatments and nursing services for patients with hemophilia. Its presence in New York City and Houston expands Diplomat’s footprint in primary geographic markets, providing organic growth opportunities.

  • June 2016
    TNH is a leading specialty pharmacy that provides individualized patient care, based in Van Nuys, California. TNH enhances continuity of care through its proprietary portal platform TNH Live. This technology creates a unique platform for patient management, education and live communication that results in an accessible flow of data for prescribers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients.

  • June 2015
    Since 2000, the team of experts at Burman’s Specialty Pharmacy has earned a reputation for setting the standard in specialty care. The compassionate health care professionals at Burman’s Specialty Pharmacy are dedicated to providing superior care for patients with complex diseases such as hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s and more.

  • April 2015
    BioRx is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized services to its patients. Founded in 2004, BioRx is a national provider of specialty pharmaceuticals, infusion management and consulting services. Whether offering nursing support, reimbursement coordination or home delivery of intravenous therapies, BioRx customizes care plans that put patients first.

  • June 2014
    MedPro Rx is an accredited provider of specialized pharmacy services. Their team of pharmacists and clinical nurses provide hassle-free access to medication. MedPro Rx’s patient services representatives and reimbursement specialists work with doctors and insurance providers to make sure patients get the best care possible.

  • December 2013
    AHF specializes in helping manage life-threatening—sometimes debilitating—diseases, where comprehensive care is a lifetime need. AHF’s pharmacy has delivered clotting medications to families since 1989. Donald Colburn, AHF’s co-founder, lived with hemophilia and many of its complications. Today, AHF provides multiple infusion therapies, including clotting factor and immune globulin.