One Patient at a Time—Always

Diplomat is the nation’s largest independent provider of specialty pharmacy services, bringing personalized medication therapies to people with specialized needs such as oncology, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, HCV, blood disorders and more.

We offer innovative tools to help patients, including starter kits for side-effect management and our proprietary CarePak™ for easy dose tracking. Our systems and skillsets complement patient care—complete benefits investigations, dedicated efforts for prior authorizations and PA appeals, start-to-finish third-party funding assistance and Medicare support.

As a teammate in health, we also offer back-end patient support services for national retailers and major hospitals and specialty-care coverage to millions of lives through managed care organizations.

We exist for the patients we serve. It is an honor to support their health and help them thrive.

Our Mission

At Diplomat, we blend clinical excellence with a personal touch—for happier lives and health that lasts.

Our Philosophy

Take good care of patients and the rest falls into place.

Dale Hagerman, Diplomat Co-founder

To us, achieving excellence means giving patients their best chance for happier lives—lives with more moments, more milestones, more memories in the making. The result isn’t just an outcome: it’s an impact. That’s why we commit to helping one patient at a time.

Our locations

In December 2010, we transitioned into our 600,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Flint, Michigan. The move allowed us to better help patients across the United States by providing:

  • An advanced national distribution center
  • A comprehensive training and education center that helps our employees learn and grow as professionals
  • A software development and data center that supports all aspects of our business

In addition to our headquarters, we also operate in locations across the U.S. and support patients in all 50 states.


Giving back

It’s important to us that we use our position as the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy to give back to our local communities. In addition to our corporate giving, our staff regularly gets involved in community service projects. It is all part of being a people-driven business, helping those who live and work around us.

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Diplomat is accredited or certified by third-party agencies committed to industry best practices, including ACHC, ASHP, CPPA, NABP, and URAC.

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